Risk Management Solutions

A risk service team in discussion.
A risk service team in discussion.

The Northbridge Insurance Risk Services team is committed to providing industry-leading, innovative risk services solutions. Each year, our Risk Services team conducts over 6,000 risk assessments and service calls for Canadian businesses.

Bringing years of industry experience and understanding of the businesses we write, our Risk Services specialists can help with many aspects of risk management through consultation or our unique training offerings.

Our Areas of Expertise

The Risk Services team is made up of more than 65 experts across Canada, with in-depth knowledge and experience across a number of industries. Layer that on top of our insurance expertise and professional designations and you have a team that’s fully qualified to provide consulting and recommendations based specific best practices.
  • Automotive Service & Repair
  • Campgrounds
  • Commercial Property
  • Commercial Transportation
  • Course of Construction
  • Golf & Country Clubs
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Equipment Dealers
  • Fire Protection
  • Large & Complex Risks
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Schools & Daycares
  • Sprinkler Systems
  • Utilities
  • Thermal Imaging


Our experts have created easy-to-use Risk Insights technical bulletins, whitepapers, tip sheets, and “how-to” guides for potential and emerging risks to help your customers run a more efficient and profitable business. Click here to view a list of all available industry-specific technical bulletins.

Training Solutions

Our Risk Services team offers a variety of training programs, workshops and seminars that are geared towards specific industry sectors. Each course has been designed to help your customers run a safer, more profitable business. Using industry best practices and benchmarking, these programs are developed at our dedicated training centre in Guelph, Ontario, and delivered nationally. We can also customize programs depending on your customers’ specific needs. Click here to view a list of all available training solutions.

Our Partners

Prevent environmental risks and manage hazardous materials

A spill can quickly happen – whether on the road or in the warehouse – and your customers’ employees need the right tools to contain it should this happen.

We’ve partnered with Quatrex Environmental, a Canadian leader in environmental compliance risk management, to provide your customers with preferred rates on products such as spill kits, spill pallets, steel containment, hazmat storage and flammable storage to help keep them safe.

All Northbridge Insurance policyholders can take advantage of our preferred pricing on Quatrex products (up to 15% discount). Call 1.800.967.3002 or send an email to [email protected] to take advantage of this offer.

Quatrex EnvironmentalLearn more

Eddy Solutions

Prevent water damage on your construction project with leak detection technology

Monitoring for water leaks on construction projects can mitigate water damage by preventing significant damage, helping to avoid costly delays.

We’ve partnered with Eddy Solutions, a leading North American manufacturer of smart water metering products and technologies, to offer our Course of Construction customers exclusive rates on internet-enabled leak monitoring systems.

All Northbridge Insurance Course of Construction customers are eligible to receive 25% off Eddy’s Smart Leak Protection system.

Learn more by contacting Shkya Ghanbarian at Eddy Solutions at [email protected], or speak with a Risk Services consultant.

Eddy SolutionsLearn more

Troy Life & Fire Safety

Helping protect your business against fire-related risks

We know managing fire protection needs can be a tall order — whether you operate from a single location or have facilities across the country.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Troy Life & Fire Safety Ltd. to provide Northbridge Insurance customers access to one of the most comprehensive fire safety sales and service networks in Canada — with preferred pricing and benefits normally reserved for large multi-location accounts.

With over 85 years of experience and a national reach, Troy is a recognized leader in fire alarm, fire suppression and sprinkler solutions. From design and installation to inspection, maintenance and testing, it offers customers the convenience of working with a single provider for all fire protection and monitoring needs.

Learn more by contacting Troy at 519.650.0600 ext. 224 or [email protected], or speak with a Risk Services consultant.

Troy Life & Fire SafetyLearn more

Carriers Edge

Training on the road

Your fleet is constantly moving, which can make training and development a challenge. Let us help.

We’ve partnered with CarriersEdge, a leading provider of driver education programs, to provide you access to its comprehensive online learning resources at a discount. As commercial vehicle operators, you’ll benefit from the CarriersEdge complete library of courses, powerful testing and assessment tools and full-featured management reporting and analysis capabilities.

All of this is delivered completely online, training is accessible 24/7 which means no lost time on the road. Plus, Northbridge Insurance customers receive special discounted pricing!

Speak with a Risk Services consultant for details.

CarriersEdgeLearn more

Manage risks in real-time

Mobile risk management tools can help reduce risks to your operation and keep your employees safe.

We’ve partnered with Real Time Risk Solutions, a leader in safety management solutions for construction and commercial applications, to provide exclusive pricing for Northbridge Insurance customers.

The Real Time Risk Solutions technology can manage communication and documentation, streamline the collection of data and reporting to provide unique insights in real-time.

Speak with a Risk Services consultant for details.

Helping carriers navigate green freight benefits and best practices.

As a Canadian transportation leader serving fleets for over 70 years, we know that green freight considerations are becoming increasingly top-of-mind for carriers like you – but you may not know where to start.

That’s why we’ve partnered with SmartWay, a free and voluntary program offered by Natural Resources Canada to help you navigate green freight considerations and understand how adopting best practices can help improve your fuel efficiency, reduce your environmental impact, strengthen your reputation, and better position your business for the future. Learn more about SmartWay here or contact your Risk Services Consultant.

SmartWay®, a Natural Resources Canada programLearn more
Contact Risk Services

Contact Risk Services

To learn more about our training solutions or risk management programs, call us at 1.833.692.4111 or contact a Risk Services manager in your area.

Find the Risk Services manager in your area

Christopher Mastro
Director, Risk Services, Property & Casualty and Solutions
[email protected]

Scott Creighton
Director, Risk Services, Transportation & Logistics
[email protected]

Christopher Mastro
Director, Risk Services, Property & Casualty and Solutions
[email protected]

David Goruk
Manager, Risk Services, Transportation & Logistics
[email protected]

Touffik Belmehdi
Manager, Risk Services, Property & Casualty
[email protected]


Yves Theriault
Manager, Risk Services, Transportation & Logistics
[email protected]

John McCreedy
Manager, Risk Services, Property & Casualty
[email protected]

Dave Nawton
Manager, Risk Services, Transportation & Logistics
[email protected]

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